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    Hand made, custom shoes, just for you!


    The Story of DeirDesigns!

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    This is my shop

    About me and my work:

    My shoes are mostly lace-ups of varying heights. I make a few styles of boot that are slightly over the ankle and regular low top lace up shoes as well.


    I have recently added purses and belts to my collection of available products.

    All my materials are whole grain leather and are soft and pliable. Just like with the shoes if the item is pre-made there will be a slightly lower price. Custom orders will be accordingly more cost.



    ** I must make it clear that these shoes are Not for people who need special orthopedic adjustments! I can make shoes that your inserts will fit into, but I do not do adjustments for pronation or supination.**


    Almost any shoes displayed in the gallery can be custom made for your size and shape foot so don’t limit yourself to only what you see in the styles for sale section!


    Most of these shoes involve a sewing machine for some stitching of the upper, and the rest is all by hand.
    My shoes begin with duct tape casts of one or both of your feet to assure that they fit you perfectly. The style of shoe is drawn onto the cast, the cast is cut up and made into a paper pattern and the shoe is made from that. You get to pick which leathers I use, what color thread and many of the details of how your shoes will look. They will fit you like no other shoes! I use full grain bull hide, cow hide and occasionally thick, plush bison. For the soles I have durable Vibram of differing weights and thickness. The vibram I choose has great tread for non slipping. Any of my shoes can be made with a small heel or can have a flat bottom.

    I’m happy to accommodate inserts or orthotics if you usually wear them ( bring them with you).
    The time I spend with you choosing style, materials, making the casts, and consulting during construction, and of course the time it takes to make them is included in the price of the shoes.

    Im open to price negotiation if you really want shoes and my price is just too high for your budget.....so Haggle and see what you can get!!

    I have a strictly No Return, No refund policy. Once you give me money and we choose a style from my collection and begin the casting process there is no turning back.

    There may be an extra charge for sizes over 11.5 of $50-100 depending on shoe size.

    There is an extra charge of $150- $200 to get a leather type or color I do not currently have available.


    In the gallery I will show you the more recent styles first. ( New styles coming on line soon! ) Keep in mind that most of what you will look at here has been styled and shaped for My Foot and it will look different when the cast is made on Your Foot.

    Except for the style of toe you might like; round, square, or pointy, keep in mind that these shoes or boots will actually be pretty similar to the shape of Your Foot, so if you have very wide feet and you don't like that you definitely will not like these shoes! They are specifically made from the cast of your foot to fit on your foot way it is!


    You may like something you see in the gallery that's not listed as for sale. Don't hesitate to ask if I can do that particular style for you.



  • Browse Styles

    When you see a style you like, think about various color possibilities as you look at the other styles. There are other colors than the ones I typically use so if you have a color in mind that you don't see here I may be able to get it. There will be an extra charge of $150 or more (depending on type of leather) to get a different color than I offer. I now stock a true red bullhide, a purple and a turquoise and a couple of nubuck and suede options.

  • You look over the photos.

    Look at the style names.

    Look at the different colors of leather available.

    Then, once you have some idea of which style, leather, and color combination you would like.....you contact me!

    How It Works


    Get in touch!

    1001 Walker Ave.
    Oakland, Ca 94610
    9 am to 6
    Monday through Friday
    10 to 4 on Saturday